Guinness in Larger Cans: Buy it Online

When most people think of Guinness stout beer they think of Ireland, specifically Dublin and the people there who really appreciate a stronger, darker drink. This is accurate, as far as it goes. However, the Guinness name has travelled thousands of miles in the nearly 400 years it has been around.

The original brew was created by Arthur Guinness at St. James’ Gate in Dublin in the mid-1700s. The man whose name is still on the label first created lighter beers but eventually changed to the well-known stout recipe. The company moved its centre of operations to London in 1932 and merged with another major company to form Diageo in 1997.

Available in 120 Countries

Currently, the conglomerate brews beer in 60 countries around the world. It is made even more widely available in about 120 countries. The Guinness annual sales total is approximately 850 million litters. As mentioned, the Guinness brand has travelled quite a bit. Customers now can find large canned Guinness stout beer available online.

It has even found itself halfway around the planet, in Singapore and other Southeast Asian locations. Much of the success in this region can be attributed to the amazing growth of large supermarkets and cooperatives that serve hundreds of thousands of customers on a consistent basis. These behemoth organisations have dozens of stores, in addition to food distribution and warehousing operations. All of this has made it much more likely that products from the U.K., the United States, and other countries will find their way onto the shelves.

Regional Growth

According to some of the largest trade organisations, such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), private consumption will be the most important factor in economic growth for Southeast Asia in the next five-year period. Some of the strongest business performers in the world are expected to be countries in this region:  Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (Burma).

Larger Cans beer1

Singapore has one of the highest gross domestic product levels in the world. As mentioned, the retail supermarket/food cooperative field has been a key factor. This country has one of the most competitive and business-friendly economies on the planet. There are at least 10 chains that are large enough to capture worldwide attention.

Keep in mind that one or two of these large retail outlets operate on the cooperative plan. Rebates to co-op members are paid annually based on the previous calendar year. The rebate is applied to annual purchases up to $6,000.

Some Available Products

These large stores list such items as beer, wine and spirits as a regular part of their online marketing. In the category that includes Guinness stout, web shoppers can choose from imported beers, stout beers, shandys, and local beers. Not only is the Guinness brand available in large cans, but it may also be purchased in bottles and smaller cans. Chinese and Japanese wines are also a staple of this department in the larger markets, as are a few brands of spirits. If you are looking for Guinness in the larger can size, you can find it in Singapore.

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